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Carvin arrow Carvin X-100 Footswitch FS-35

Carvin X-100 Footswitch FS-35

Price: $79.95

Carvin FS-35 3 Button Replacement Footswitch

This is a faithful reproduction of the EXTREMELY RARE Carvin FS-35 footswitch.
This footswitch is used for the earlier Carvin X-100 / X-100b series amplifiers.


  • 3 Switches For CHANNEL, REVERB & BOOST
  • 18' Cable Hard Wired To The Unit
  • 1 Mono & 1 Stereo Plug To Match Switch Inputs
  • Color Coded Leads For Each Plug
  • LED's Powered By Host Unit



Usually ships in: Built to order, ships when complete.


Customer Reviews:

Ron Holtgrewe  (Friday, 11 December 2009)
Rating: 5
I use the Carvin FS-35 on my 1981 Carvin 100 Watt Tube Head and it far surpasses the quality of the original FS-35 footswitch. I can get clean,
boost and harmonic distortion along with reverb all from one pedal and this one looks way better than the old-style Carvin pedal. I feel fortunate to
have found a company that makes reproductions of these hard-to-find pedals.